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LIC Cancer Cover

LIC’s Cancer Cover is a regular premium payment health insurance plan which provides financial protection in case the Life Assured is diagnosed with any of the specified Early and/or Major Stage Cancer during the policy term. The policy can be purchased offline as well as online. To purchase the policy online please log on to . The plan offers two benefit options wherein you have the flexibility to choose the type of Sum Insured at the inception. Option I Level Sum Insured: The Basic Sum Insured shall remain unchanged throughout the policy term. Option II Increasing Sum Insured:

The Sum Insured increases by 10% of Basic Sum Insured each year for first five years starting from the first policy anniversary or until the diagnosis of first event of Cancer, whichever is earlier. On diagnosis of any specified Cancer as mentioned in Para 1, all the claims shall be based on the Increased Sum Insured at the policy anniversary coinciding or prior to the diagnosis of the first claim and further increases to this Sum Insured will not be applicable.



Insurance Plans

Life insurance in India made its debut well over 100 years ago.

In our country, which is one of the most populated in the world, the prominence of insurance is not as widely understood, as it ought to be. What follows is an attempt to acquaint readers with some of the concepts of life insurance, with special reference to LIC.

It should, however, be clearly understood that the following content is by no means an exhaustive description of the terms and conditions of an LIC policy or its benefits or privileges.



Child Plans

LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya is a conventional with profits plan, specially designed to meet the educational and other needs of your child. If you are the parent of a child, LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya is the most suitable insurance plan for you which ensures that your responsibilities are met whether you survive or not and without depending on anyone else. The risk cover under this plan will be on your life as a parent and the named child shall be the nominee under the plan.
Marriage Plans
We are offering a range of Marriage Endowment or Educational Annuity Plan (Children Plan) to our clients. This insurance policy determines the Marriage Endowment Assurance plan which provides benefit from the selected maturity date to meet the marriage or the educational expense of the particular child. The premiums of this policy are payable yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or through Salary deductions, as chose by the assurer. The bonuses provided are in the profits of the corporation life insurances business the assurer gets share of the profits in form of bonuses. Bonuses are declared per thousand Sum Assured annually at the end of each financial year. It is also payable if the policy is of a certain minimum term.
Pension Plans

No matter how old you are, it is important to pay into a pension plan. When you are young, you may not even think of retiring or of getting older and may not realize the importance of this aspect of financial planning.

Your pension may be your sole income when you get older and therefore should be a priority in your
younger years. If the company you work for does not have a pension plan, then you should start
investing on your own so that you do have an income to fall back on.


Jeevan Arogya

LIC Jeevan Arogya is a non-linked Health Insurance Policy which helps individuals to cope up with the rising medical costs. In this plan you can cover yourself, spouse, children, parents as well as mother-in-law and father-in-law. It is a comprehensive health insurance policy for the entire family. 
Key Features of LIC Jeevan Arogya
• One health insurance policy that covers self, spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law
• Covers hospitalisation, surgery and much more
• Provides benefit payout irrespective of actual medical cost incurred
• Can be availed along with existing mediclaim policy for the same hospitalisation / surgery
• Cover can be extended to new members of the family in case of marriage and childbirth
• Quick Cash Facility is available on hospitalisation instead of waiting to make a claim for the benefit after discharge
• Under Quick Cash, 50% advance payment is given by LIC (under 57 surgeries performed in network hospitals)
• Payout made on the basis of photocopy of bills
• No Claim Benefit is 5% of initial Hospitalisation Cash Benefit (HCB)

What is covered in LIC Jeevan Arogya?
• Hospitalisation Cash Benefit (HCB)
• Major Surgical Benefit (MCB) is 100 times the HCB / Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
• Day Care Procedure Benefit paid as lump sum 
• Other Surgical Benefits (where all other surgeries are covered) is 2 times HCB / ADB
• Ambulance charges up to Rs 1000 per insured per year, for major surgeries under category 1 or 2
• Premium Waiver Benefit 
• Auto increase @ 5% in both HCB and MCB up to 50% even if there is any claim.